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In 1972, WCA, Inc. began its humble beginnings with the basics, professional tree care with first-class customer service. Before technology was a necessity to manage ones urban forest, it was simply about quality arboriculture.

Tailored pruning, precise removals and proper planting techniques have laid the foundation for WCA, Inc.'s gold standard work practices. ISA Certified staff are on every crew to ensure our customers are receiving professional tree care from industry experts.


Trees pruned annually


Trees removed annually


Trees planted annually


Trees inventoried annually

Emergency Response

When in need, customers can rely on WCA to remedy unsafe conditions that may involve their trees. Extreme weather conditions or accidental incidents can cause damage by downed trees. We understand that emergencies may arise at any given time which is why we are prepared to handle such requests for our services immediately. Our highly trained staff will assess the situation, take care of the immediate needs to make the tree and area safe and will follow up with clean-up the next business day, if need be.


Man hours annually
responding to emergencies




WCA has elevated the approach of tree care by capitalizing on technology, in turn changing the tree maintenance and management practices of yesterday.

GPS tree inventories are now becoming the norm for public agencies and WCA’s self-proprietary management program, ArborAccess is supporting over 2,000 users statewide; proving its practicality and ease of use.

This online program offers functionality from the office or the field using its complimentary mobile app. Maintain and track work history as related to tree maintenance work types, schedule future work and manage your allocated budget.



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Staff Qualifications

Our team members stretch from as far north as Sacramento, down to San Diego and across to Arizona. With nearly 1,000 employees, we are union strong. Supported by the Laborer’s International Union of North America (LiUNA!), our staff measures up to the highest industry standards, receiving exemplary training on the regular.

With educational backgrounds including accounting, management, business administration, engineering, horticulture and information technology, the diversity and experience of our employees makes for a gold star team.


ISA Certified






Utility Specialists


Municipal Specialists


Board Certified Master Arborists

Plant Health Care

Pests, discolored leaves and dead or dying limbs can signify the need to contact an ISA Certified Arborist. To better address these types of tree issues, WCA’s Plant Health Care Division can be your solution. Our trained Arborists/Pest Control Advisors are qualified and experienced to evaluate trees, detect potential problems, diagnose cause and recommend various treatments that will not be harmful to the trees or general public. In addition, suggestions for future monitoring programs can be provided.

WCA is licensed under the California’s Department of Pesticide Regulation. Our trained staff consists of Board Certified Master Arborists, ISA Certified Arborists, Consulting Arborists, Pest Control Advisors and Pest Control Applicators.


Trees Treated Annually


DPR Qualified Applicators

Urban Wood

All trees have a life cycle, so we are making every effort to save the trees we can from ending up in landfills. We are salvaging a number of trees lost during storms, disease, or normal senescence and recycling this wood into useable urban lumber.

These pieces offer a story unlike any other found in a lumber yard or furniture store as they’ve been saved from our City streets… a true Street Tree Revival™.

Through a partnership with Woodhill, in Ontario, CA, beautiful wood slabs and other wood related products are available for sale.


Logs Salvaged Annually


Species Currently Upcycled

Bird and Wildlife Awareness

Most birds rely on trees, shrubs, and brush for food, cover, nesting, and rest. There are laws in place that protect birds, their nests, eggs, and young from being removed, destroyed or harassed. Wildlife habitat protection and inspection prior to pruning is our goal. We make every attempt to protect all birds (including Migratory Birds), animals, and nests within trees. Our highly-trained staff follows certain steps prior to pruning, and follows protocol when encountering a bird or nest.

Did you know WCA, Inc. was part of a core group of stakeholders that worked together to create a set of Best Management Practices? Tree Care for Birds & Other Wildlife is a 40-page document that goes beyond the specific protocols for the nesting season but for tree care year-round.


TLC Wildlife Aware Trained Employees