Return of rain sparks preps, bets on Northern California weather


Originally posted here on Feb 26th


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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (KCRA) —From chainsaws to sewer pumps to tractors, the sounds of preparing for rain could be heard around the Valley on Wednesday.


“We are so thankful for the rain,” said Mary Jane Wittman as she walked her dog at Sacramento’s McKinley Park. “We need it.”


Even as raindrops began falling, a tree crew with West Coast Arborists chopped and sawed off loose and potentially problematic tree limbs along a nine-block stretch of 12th Street.


“When we get some severe weather or anything, we get out all the broken branches, any of (that) stuff that might fall on vehicles or pedestrians,” said Sean Sullivan, of West Coast Arborists.


Elsewhere, Sacramento city crews continued the routine maintenance of clearing storm and sewer drains — that maintenance made all the more important because of the expected heavy rains.


“It’s very, very important because we want everything flowing like it’s supposed to,” said James Wacker, a city of Sacramento employee.


Meanwhile, West Sacramento farmer, Dave Vierra did something he’s never done this early in the year. He planted sweet corn before the arrival of rain.


On the one hand, he said he needed to get into his field now before the rain, because if heavy rains muddied his field, he would have to wait up to three weeks or longer after the showers to plant his crop.


On the other hand, there’s a risk involved to such an early crop of sweet corn.


“It could still freeze if the weather turns,” Vierra said.


But if his bet pays off, he said he’ll be able to supply something far earlier than ever before.


“Sweet corn by Father’s Day,” Vierra said.

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