City of Menlo Park – Chainsaw Carving Complete

City of Menlo Park

Chainsaw Carving Completed in Fremont Park

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JOhn Mahoney Carving

Last month the Italian stone pine in Fremont Park was removed because it posed an imminent hazard due to root failure and a severe lean that gave the tree much of its unique character. Recently, the stump and two large pieces of the tree were repurposed by chainsaw artist, John Mahoney and the City’s tree crew leader, Juan Perez. Check out the time-lapse video below!

Over the next two weeks, the wood will be treated and sealed to reduce cracking as the wood dries out. Three new deodar cedar trees will be planted along the fence, to the east of the artwork. City staff is also working with the Menlo Park Historical Association to mark the rings on a cross section of the trunk to signify interesting dates in the City’s past.

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